What We’re Reading: 12-18 Months

After many questions about L&H’s favorite books – and mostly the books I don’t mind reading over and over again – I shared a list of our current favorite books. There’s a list of our favorites from 18-24 months, and a list for 0-12 months.

Reading during the 12-18 months stage is a lot of fun.  I feel like L&H have started to really pay attention to books and remember details.  If I point out a fish in Pout Pout fish, they’ll remember it next time we read it and get excited to show me. And the twins are starting to study books on their own! Sometimes I’ll be in the kitchen only to realize it’s very quiet in the playroom.  I’ll creep in …. nervous about what I’ll find….only to be pleasantly surprised that they are both sitting down thumbing through a stack of board books that they’ve spread all over the floor.


Here are a few favorites that have kept us busy during this early toddler stage!

All Through My Town by Jean Reidy
I can, and have, read this book with the twins 15 times a day.  It is so colorful and the pages are so busy that there’s tons to point out and look at.  Each page is a different scene with new discoveries.  And it’s a cute storyline so I don’t mind reading it over and over (and over).  It was gifted to us when L&H were born and I’m grateful it was! Available on Amazon for $8
Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen
This is the #1 bestseller on Amazon, so I’ll truly be shocked if anyone doesn’t have this book….but if you don’t, it’s worth it.  It’s repetitive enough that L&H are picking up on the cues (L mimicking ‘blub blub blub’ is adorable) but easy to read again and again  Available on Amazon for $7.
This book is so sweet, it will warm your heart no matter how many times you read it.  The message is full of love, and I adore snuggling up with L&H to read it! Available on Amazon for $9.
Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell
Another Amazon bestseller, but worth the mention.  L&H love the lift the flap element of this book, and since they’re learning animal names it’s a fun way to let them ‘guess’ what is under each flap.  Truly a classic! Available on Amazon for $5
ABC by Dr Seuss
This is the toddler friendly version of the original Dr Seuss’ ABC book — it’s a board book and it’s a smidge shorter.  We are working on the alphabet and letters lately, so this is a fun and whimsical way to teach L&H.  And the repetition of the letters “A…A…A”, “B…B…B” , etc are helping them grasp each one.  Available on Amazon for $4.
Disclaimer: Please note that there are affiliate links on this page and I will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. However, all opinions are my own. Thank you for your support.


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