Snow and Sidewalk Paint!

Making snow and sidewalk paint has become one of our favorite ways to take arts and crafts outside! It’s one easy recipe with just three ingredients – and it’s the same for snow or sidewalk. Keep this in mind for a nice sunny day – winter, spring, summer or fall – and you’ll be ready to bring color to the yard and the neighborhood.

All it takes is cornstarch, water, and washable paint! You can also make the paint with food coloring – but I find that stains if the kids get it on their hands or clothes. So to stay stain free stick with the washable paint!

The best part is there’s very little clean up – I mix the paint in disposable cups so we just throw those away, and the paint washes away easily with water, so let the rain or snow melt take care of it. Cornstarch and Crayola washable paint are non-toxic and safe for the gardens. I even read somewhere that cornstarch will help the soil retain moisture better! So paint, and make your garden grow!

Snow and Sidewalk Paint
Supplies Needed:

  • Cornstarch
  • Water
  • Washable Paint
  • Cups or muffin tin
  • Paint brushes

Add half cup of corn starch to each cup or muffin tin section. Squeeze in some washable paint – a different color in each cup or tin. Add water – you want roughly a 1:1 ratio of cornstarch to water but I always eyeball it. Stir until smooth with no clumps….then head outside to paint!

Note: The colors will look much brighter when they dry on the sidewalk and snow. It’s fun to see how they change as they dry.


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