Ice Sun Catchers

Did you ever make sun catchers as a kid? Remember the plastic ones that you’d paint and hang in the window? I loved those. I’ve always loved the concept of sun catchers. I think it’s so beautiful to see the way they catch and sparkle in the light.

This time of year our yard tends to be very bland – it’s pretty when it first snows but then as the days pass the snow blends in with the gray winter skies. There’s no sparkle! And I felt we needed to change that…. And I thought what better way then to decorate nature with nature!

All you need are some colorful objects, a pan or bucket, and water. The cold temperatures will do the rest! If it doesn’t get below freezing where you are (lucky!) then you can always pop your creation in the freezer overnight.

The twins and I scoured the kitchen and the yard for some colorful treasures that we could use – that was part of the fun! Take a walk around the neighborhood and see what you can find. Make an adventure out of it. Then they loved making different patterns and designs with their sun catchers. No two were alike!

Ice Sun Catchers
Supplies Needed:

  • Colorful natural treasures – cinnamon sticks, orange slices, bay leaves, peppercorns, evergreen branches, holly berries, sticks, etc
  • Containers for freezing – tupperware, metal pans, muffin tin, bundt pan, etc
  • Water
  • String

Pour water into a shallow container – the deeper the water the longer it will take to freeze! Arrange treasures in the water. Add a string for hanging.

Leave the containers outside in a flat spot, or inside in the freezer overnight. Once frozen, pop the sun catchers out of the container (like you would ice from an ice tray!). Hang in a spot where you can see it and it can sparkle in the sun!


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