The “What To Buy My Wife/Girlfriend” Gift Guide

I got several messages from some guy followers the other day after I shared my JuJu + Stitch sweatshirt saying their wives/girlfriends had dropped some hints asking for one for Christmas. I LOVE IT. One even asked for more gift ideas – so I thought why not put together a quick list to help out! I am calling this the “What To Buy My Wife/Girlfriend” gift guide – but it can certainly also be the “What to Buy My Sister or Mom or MYSELF” gift guide. Whatever you would like to do with it, your choice!

Happy shopping and happy holidays! It truly is the most wonderful time of year 

1. Thymes Fraiser Fir Candle – This is my favorite winter scent. When I light it in my kitchen I am instantly transported to a chic boutique. It smells SO good. As soon as December 1st hits mine is burning constantly. It’s also available in a diffuser, room spray, all purpose cleaner, diffuser oil (this is a favorite of mine!), hand soap, and hand lotion. Once she smells the candle….I promise you’ll wish you had bought ALL the scented items.

2. Hoka One Ora Recovery Shoe – If your lady is a runner, a walker, or spends a lot of time on her feet…. these Ora Recovery Shoes will get you a big THANK YOU on Christmas morning. They are a little sporty looking, but they are super comfortable. I like that I can slip them on easily and my feet are happy with the support as I trek around the neighborhood on walks with the family.

3. “The Coat” – The Orolay Thickened Down Jacket Winter Coat is the warmest coat I’ve ever owned. This winter we will be spending LOTS of time outside – even more than usual – since most of our usual spots are closed due to COVID. Your wife will be psyched to have a super warm option that’s filled with pockets for keeping all necessities – masks, mittens, snacks, etc. One friend’s husband commented “it’s like you’re wearing a diaper bag!” …which is true, but it’s chic.

4. Oventure Big O Key Ring – This has been a gamechanger for me. It’s a big bracelet key ring. My hands are always full walking to/from the car – kids, stuff, baby, gear, etc. Then making sure I have my keys handy so I can open the car? OY. It’s annoying. But with my Big O key ring I can slip my keys on my wrist and they’re always there, leaving my hands full for everything else!

5. Boat and Tote Bag – This would be a really cute idea for kiddos to give mom for Christmas. I got ours as a gift and it is SO useful. The extra-large size fits everything…honestly I think I could tote Baby H around in it and at least one twin. Lugging towels to the pool, packing for a trip, stashing ski or winter gear….it fits it all! You can monogram it via LLBean or take it to your local monogram shop and have them pick out a cute way to personalize it!

6. Dudley Stephen Cobble Hill Turtleneck – You can’t go wrong with a DS Turtleneck. These are flattering on all body types, they’re comfortable, THEY HAVE POCKETS, and they are perfect to wear with leggings. Seriously they are amazing. Yes the pricetag is high, but they are worth it I promise. Note: I am also a big fan of the Prospect Pullover too. (AND bonus points for the little lady in your life, they have matching tops for kiddos too!)

7. Simon Pearce Photo Block – Remember all those fall photos your wife worked hard to prepare the entire family for and you probably grumbled through? WELL make it up to her and gift her one of the best pictures in a gorgeous frame. Simon Pearce is a glassblower and pottery maker based in Quechee, Vermont (where my family’s vacation home is!). I’ve been going ever since I was a little girl – with hands glued to my sides making sure I didn’t break anything! – and have long admired the beautiful, handmade items that fill their shelves. Their items are gorgeous, but their photo blocks are my favorite. They take any photo gift to the next level. Be prepared because they are HEAVY!

8. Our Place Pan – This is on MY list this year. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this pan. First of all it’s gorgeous (and yes I know I’m talking about a pan…but LOOK at it). Second of all, it’s designed to do the work of eight pieces of kitchenware – fry pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. Chris….if you’re reading this, buy me this pan! 🙂

9. Paper Clip Mask Chain – I’m convinced mask chains are going to be the “it gift” of the season this year. I was skeptical about them, but honestly they’re so handy! No more digging around in your pocket for a wrinkled up mask. These paper clip mask chains are cute and can complete any outfit. (Thanks 2020 for making that something we say now….)

10. Caldrea Room Spray and Scents – I always keep Caldrea room sprays and candles on hand for gifts, but also I want to make sure I never run out. A quick spritz of the Sea Salt Neroli spray on our bed linens makes me feel like I’m staying in a fancy hotel!

11. Merrell Juno Clogs – I call these my “winter Birkenstocks”. They live by the back door and I love having them handy to slide on when I have to pop out to the car to load backpacks in, take the trash out, or grab Amazon packages 239 times per day. They come in leather, suede, and wool – but the wool is my preference since they are fur lined! Super cozy and cute.

12. Juju + Stitch Custom Apparel – I adore my Juju + Stitch sweatshirt. And I get SO many compliments on it too – to all the hubbies reading this, it’s sure to be a homerun gift! It’s cozy and it has my kiddos names stitched to the collar – it’s so special. The company was launched by a new mom on the hunt for thoughtful, affordable gifts for friends and family. She couldn’t find what she wanted….so she made her own! They offer custom embroidered apparel for babies, kids, and adults. They can embroider anything you want – names, phrases, nick names, etc – onto a wide range of apparel. If you purchase, mention MultipleSmiles at check out!

Hope you enjoyed this gift guide! Good luck shopping and gifting. Thank you for reading and happy holidays!

Disclaimer: Please note that there are affiliate links on this page and I will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. However, all opinions are my own. Thank you for your support.


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