Cold Weather Gear for Outdoor Adventures – For the Family

Summer had a good run here in Philadelphia – we had some 60 and 70 degree days last week in the early part of November which felt amazing. It was a really nice perk especially since we are mostly limited to outdoor activities due to COVID.

But now the temps are dropping and everyday isn’t always sunny so our outdoor adventures can be a little cold and wet. To keep us warm and happy on our outings I’ve stocked up on some cozy gear for the whole family.

H&M: I shop here for a lot of our winter gear. Their baby wool sweaters and sets are adorable, warm and affordable – considering you’re getting a high quality material! This body suit is so cute I am for sure getting it for Baby H along with this wool cardigan. I also buy mittens in bulk at the beginning of each season because we always loose them. I like that their sets make it easy to mix and match though – so a single mitten never gets left out. They have a lot of merino wool and wool blend sweaters for kids too, but they sell out fast! The 3 that I bought for L&H two weeks ago are already gone. So if you see something you like don’t wait.

I am also a big fan of their wool sweaters for me. I wear this long wool cardigan around the house and outside as a layer, and their wool joggers are on my Christmas list! Their 2-packs of knit gloves are perfect for me too because I’m always losing gloves/mittens inside pockets of various coats. This way I have tons so I never am outside without a pair!

LLBean: If you’ve followed me for a while now you know my kids wear a LOT of LLBean coats. They ‘re good quality and well priced – similar jackets from other brands sell for double the price sometimes. So I am a huge fan. Our favorite toddler snow sets from LLBean are the Wildcat 3-in-1 Parka and Snow Pants. For older sizes (above 4), there is also an Wildcat 3-in-1 Parka and Pants. We also swear by the LLBean Stroller Buntings – they are well made and cozy!

For warmer days (and climates), I am a big fan of layering under the Discovery Rain Jacket and Rain Pants – the Sweater Fleeces make a great under layer! I don’t have it but I am very intrigued by the Rain Bunting. I think I’m going to order it for Henry! It would be great for snowy days – I can layer him up with fleece/wool underneath and that as a waterproof layer on top.

I also buy a lot of MY gear at LLBean. My Barn Coat is always by the back door – it’s great to throw on and stay warm just watching the kids ride bikes in the driveway. I layer up with my Quilted Pullover a lot, and I love to run in my Primaloft Pullover. (I can’t find the exact model I have, but this one is similar!) AND my winter staple is my Bean Boots! They are amazing – make sure you get a pair with a lining. They’re much cozier! My favorite selling point about LLBean is their return policy. They’ll take anything back within one year of purchase – but then even after that, if an item rips, breaks or is defective in any way they’ll exchange it for you! You can’t beat that!

Target: I love Target for affordable weather gear. The Cat & Jack line is great quality – we’ve had so much stuff from there over the years and it has always held up well. Our current favorite are the Cat & Jack raincoats. They are thick and warm – perfect for those rainy days with a chill in the air. I also have pairs of the Toddler Totes Cirrus™ Charley Rainboots (what a mouthful!). They come in a lot of different colors – something for everyone! – are durable, easy to put on/off, and will protect your kiddos feet – all while being lightweight. But take note they run really really big! So size down when you are ordering.

Bog Boots: Baby Bog Boots are hands down the best toddler snow boots. They are perfect for early walkers because they are warm and cozy, but also flexible and lightweight – making it easy for them to still grip the ground even with lots of layers on. They come in tons of solids and patterns. We first learned about them from our pediatrician and never looked back. I will say though I was very disappointed with the kids boots – they are the exact opposite of the baby boots. I found them really bulky and heavy. The twins could barely lift their legs in them. So I returned them!

Sperry: After the disappointment with the Kid Bog Boots I went searching for a good heavy duty, yet lightweight pair of boots the twins could wear outside on cold days. I have been really pleased with their Sperry Duck Boots. They are insulated, warm and durable. But the only con is that they are tough to get on and off. I do find myself huffing and puffing as I guide their feet in then have to zip up the side. I would still buy them again though!

Backcountry: I always browse kids stuff on Backcountry whenever I am shopping for winter gear. They have great sales, and even better they always have 5-20% cash back through Rakuten/Ebates. (This should be an entirely separate post but do you use Rakuten? If not, you SHOULD. It is the easiest way to make money back on everything you shop for!) Patagonia (these are the vests you always see the twins wearing on my Insta!), North Face, etc. Just a great place to shop! I also get gear for myself there – Patagonia Pullovers

Oiselle: Oiselle Fly Out Tights are my super weapon. They keep me warm when I’m out on winter runs, but they are also perfect for everyday winter wear and outdoor adventures. They are made from Polartec material – the same as jackets – and are so thick and cozy. But they are not bulky at all. They keep me warm and cozy when I am watching the kids play on the playground – they make sure my bottom half stays as cozy as my top! Oiselle’s Wool Long Sleeves are great for layering under jackets – I even wear mine skiing! And the A.T. Pullover is on my Christmas list! It looks SO cozy.

Two new (to me) brands that I have shopped in preparation for winter are Ella’s Wool and Pyret. I picked up some Pyret Rain Mittens for L&H and also some Ella’s Wool Base Layers for the twins and Baby H. They both came highly recommended so I am excited to give them a try – I’ll report back ASAP!

I hope this helps as you gather your winter staples for season full of outdoor adventures, school, happy hours and fun!


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