Gear Review: Single Stroller Weather Covers

There’s so much unpredictability in the world right now – 2020 is a doozy. I am looking forward to lots of stroller runs with my littlest this winter….but turns out weather is unpredictable TOO! Oy.

I relied heavily on my BOB Gear Weather Shield for the double stroller when the twins were younger, so I assumed I could buy the same thing for the single stroller. But I was bummed to find out they discontinued their current line of weather shields! I reached out to BOB Gear and they told me they would be launching a new weather shield in Spring 2021 – which is exciting, but I need one NOW in order to survive the winter and make it to spring.

So I did what many desperate moms would do, I turned to the internet and started shopping.I bought 6 jogging stroller weather shields. Most were advertised as having a “universal fit” so I was curious what would actually work. (I have the BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller. It is fantastic, as are all BOB strollers. Worth every penny. But alas, no weather shield!)

As I mentioned, I tried 6 rain shield covers. 3 did not fit at all, 1 was okay, and 2 were so great I kept them both. Here’s what I considered when I was rating the covers:

  • Fit: First and foremost does the cover fit the stroller. Secondly, does it cover the stroller completely so that your passenger is snug, warm and dry?
  • Ease and Accessibility: How easy is it to get the cover on and off, and how easy is it to access your passenger? It’s all well and good that you’ve wrapped up the stroller to keep your kiddo dry but what happens when you need to pass them 17 snacks along the way? Or if they have to get out to go to the bathroom? Or they want to pop in and out to run alongside? Is it annoying to take the cover on and off?
  • Quality: How well does the cover hold up? Is the material thick or thin? Does the velcro seem like it’s glued or sewed on well?
  • Packability: How well can you fold the cover up? On a scale of Easy to ‘Wrestling an Alligator’ how hard is it to stow away in the stroller basket?

And now let’s talk about the winners and the losers!

My Pick:

GOOVI Universal Rain Cover – $32.99: This is the weather cover of all weather covers. It fits the BOB Rev Pro very well. It’s a little snug to get over the handlebar but once it’s on it fits just fine. The material is nice and seemingly good quality. The plastic windows are also nice quality. The ease and accessibility is top notch – it’s easy to put on and off, but what’s even better is that the front window zips open so you can hand things to your passenger without having to take the whole cover off. There is a window at the top so you can see into the stroller (matches the BOB Rev Pro sunshade window) which I also really like. That’s a feature that even the BOB weather shields don’t have. Another plus is that the GOOVI weather shield has a flip down flap to block the sun for your passenger which is helpful since you can’t pull the sunshade down with (any) covers on. While the front plastic makes it a little bit bulky, the fabric sides allows this cover to be folded easily and packed under the stroller. I am excited to have this weather shield and plan to use it a lot this winter! If you are a frequent all-weather runner looking to keep your kiddo warm I highly recommend the GOOVI!

*Unfortunately right after I bought the GOOVI and reviewed it, it went out of stock on Amazon. I’m searching for another retailer and will update ASAP!*

Runner Up:

Simplicity Universal Waterproof Weather & Insect Shield – $15.99: I didn’t have high expectations for this cover given the price and the packaging – it came folded up so tiny I didn’t think it would even fit L’s doll stroller. Plus it doesn’t come with instructions so I needed a bit of trial and error to find the fit. I like the way that the plastic wraps all the way around and fastens at the back of the stroller – it helps keep any chilly drafts from sneaking in behind your passenger. I tied the front ties underneath the front of the stroller (just behind the wheel) to keep it secure in the front. The plastic is thin, but in a positive way. It’s very flexible making it easy to fold up and stash below the stroller. I’m keeping mine folded up in the trunk of the car for any emergency rain or wind occasions. In terms of accessibility there is not a front window that opens and the way the cover wraps around the back of the stroller will make it hard to navigate should your passenger need anything – which is a negative. Still, in the end it was a tough pick between the Simplicity and the GOOVI….so much so that I kept both. The Simplicity is a wonderful pick for the occasional all-weather runner.

Honorable Mention:

Sashas Premium Series Rain and Wind Cover – $39.95: This rain cover is more expensive than the GOOVI, yet it has way less features. I do like that the plastic is thick and good quality. The velcro is well attached and also plentiful. You’re not stuck with one tiny strip. It fits the BOB well, and felt secure. But it has no front window like the GOOVI which is a negative. Another major downside to this cover is that it doesn’t fold up very nicely. It’s stiff and bulky. It felt like I was stuffing a big plastic blob into the bottom of the stroller. If you’re in a pinch and other models are sold out The Sashas Rain Cover will get the job done, but it wouldn’t be my first pick.

The covers that I reviewed which didn’t make the cut – they either didn’t fit or were just so terrible they weren’t worth mentioning were: Jeep Jogging Stroller Universal Weather Cover, Joovy Zoom 360 Rain Cover, and Graco Universal Jogging Stroller Rain Cover.

I know there are a lot of double stroller running folks out there in need of covers – BOB stopped making those as well. So stay tuned for a review on double jogging stroller weather shields! Our passengers will all be warm and cozy this winter!


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