Recap: Week of 10/16

Week 15 of marathon training is in the books! I finished the week with 5 runs under my belt – which I was happy about.  The 5th run is still newer to me – this training cycle and my last half marathon training cycle over the winter were the first times I did a plan with a 5th run.  It’s made a big difference in both my speed and stamina, as well as my motivation and mindset! It’s a big challenge to workout 6 times (5 runs + one cross training session) per week.  So I’m always pleased with myself when I manage to hit all 5 runs during the week.

I did stroller runs for the first two runs of the week, the longer being 8 miles.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a stroller run that long.  But thankfully it was a beautiful day and I had company from a fellow Philly BAMR.  It really helped to make the miles fly by.  Our paces were great!

My long run was *only* 12 miles this week.  Such a marathoner thing to say.  I linked up with Philly Runner’s All City 10 & 20 Miler along MLK and Kelly Drives for part of my run then headed home which made for a total of 12 miles.  It worked out perfectly! I felt really good for most of the run – but tired and happy to be done at the end.  Plus, I got started early and since I *only* had to run 12 miles I was done by 9am! It meant lots of family time and some fun outings all together.

Week 16 is my last BIG week of training.  I have another 20 miler as my long run, plus 23 additional midweek miles.  But then it’s TAPER TIME!

10/16 – 4 stroller miles + Mama’s Movers Yoga
10/17 – Rest Day
10/18 – 8 stroller miles
10/19 – Rest Day (Sick Baby Day 😦 )
10/20 – 6 miles
10/21 – 12 miles
10/22 – 3.1 miles


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