Recap: Weeks of 10/23 and 10/30

The last two weeks of October flew by and with it – two more weeks of marathon training.  Weeks 16 and 17 are done! I completed my last 20 miler the week of 10/23 and then the week of 10/30 I ran my last double digit run of this training cycle.  It’s happening – the race is ALMOST HERE.

I’ve been feeling strong for the most part.  The week of 10/23 was tough – it was a high mileage week so I was fatigued for a lot of it – many early bedtimes and afternoon catnaps.  But I was determined to make it a great week and I’m glad it was! At this point it’s a huge mental training game – so the stronger I finish the better I now I’ll feel going into race day.

My cross training has fallen off a bit.  I’ve been doing yoga weekly, but aside from that I haven’t been hitting up my usual classes.  I did get to Fit4Mom last week which felt great to work my muscles, but it was my first time in a couple weeks.  I will for sure be focusing more on cross training post race – I’ll have to remember that for when I’m writing my my off season goals!


Coming up with two weeks left until the race I have mostly 3-5 mile runs and one 8 miler this weekend.  Then next week it’s all short and sweet runs just to stay loose and mentally ready! The countdown continues….

Week of 10/23

10/23 – 5 stroller miles
10/24 – 7 miles
10/25 – 5 stroller miles
10/26 – Fit4Mom Stroller Strides
10/27 – Rest Day
10/28 – 20 miles
10/29 – 2 miles

Week of 10/30

10/30 – Mama’s Movers Yoga
10/31 – 6 miles
11/1 – 3 stroller miles
11/2 – 5 stroller miles
11/3 – Rest Day
11/4 – 10 miles
11/5 – 5 stroller miles




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