Recap: Week of 10/9

Week 14 of marathon training is in the books – and with it, my first 20 mile run of this training cycle.  I’m happy to report overall it was a great week!

After the exhaustion that came with week 13 I was a little nervous about getting back out there but I focused a lot on my hydration, nutrition and rest – and thankfully that all paid off.  My runs were much stronger and overall I was less exhausted.  I ran a total of 38.25 miles last week which seems to be my sweet spot.  Weeks I’ve run over 40 miles have left me completely wiped out (like week 13), so this higher mileage was definitely a challenge, but it was manageable.

I did have some challenges along the way – specifically Saturday night into Sunday.  After my 20 mile run I spiked a fever overnight and woke up with chills.  We’ve all been passing a cold and mild stomach bug around the house so I think it was my turn to take a pass on the “sick stage” but thankfully it passed quickly.  By Sunday evening I was feeling like my normal self.

But jumping back to my 20 mile run before the sickies hit (thankfully!).  I felt so strong and averaged a 9:25 pace.  I felt really awesome most of the way but around mile 18 my legs started to feel really tired.  I had to dig deep and tried to visualize the finish line.  I kept reminding myself that I will most likely feel the exact same way on race day so this was perfect practice.

Week 15 brings a slightly lower weekly mileage but then week 16 will crank things back up again one more time before #tapertime! AH! Race day is so close!

10/9 – Mama’s Movers Yoga
10/10 – 6 stroller miles
10/11 – 8 miles
10/12 – 4.25 stoller miles
10/13 – Rest Day
10/14 – 20 miles (!!)
10/15 – Rest Day


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