Recap: Week of 10/31

It was an off week – but that’s okay.  I had a super fit week the previous week, and I feel like I felt the effects last week.  I was tired and my muscles/joints were beat.

I did enjoy my first Fit4Mom class which was fantastic but left me SO sore for 2 days! I needed to take a few days off from working out in order to recover.  I did get a great run in on Sunday though which helped make up for a quiet week.

I did start my own ‘Hydration Challenge’ on Friday and I’m pleased to say I kept on track for the whole weekend! 64oz or more per day.

As I said, it was an off week but I’m telling myself thats okay – because it means I can jump into things full force this week now that I have a bit of rest behind me.

11/1: Fit4Mom Stroller Strides

11/4: 2 miles

11/6: 5.5 miles


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