These days I’m constantly dehydrated. It’s awful! Before the twins I was one of the most hydrated people I know – I never left home without water, I was peeing constantly, I had water bottles and glasses all over the house. But now I’ve had many a day when the clock strikes noon and I realize, I haven’t had any water today.  I’m practically wilting! 

So, I’ve decided my goal for the month is hydration. I want to get back on the water drinking train. I’m anticipating great benefits like more energy and brighter skin….and perhaps I’ll even snack a little less (seriously what is it about 2pm that makes me hungry?!). 

I’m aiming for at least 64oz per day. I love drinking from my LifeFactory glass bottles which are 16oz – so I’ve got to down 4 per day. 

Anyone else out there want to join me? Any tips or tricks?? I can’t wait to feel the benefits of being hydrated and share my progress. 


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