Work It Out: Fit4Mom

When I was pregnant, I used to take Roxy for walks all the time.  It was great exercise for both of us. But as I got bigger and slower I wasn’t able to go as far so I took to waddling down to the park near our house and letting Roxy take in the sights as I sat on a bench.  While in the park, I would often see a group of moms working out with their babies in strollers – and I was instantly intrigued.  They’d do laps around the park, push ups, sit ups, squats…. the works.  This looked like a great workout, with babies in tow.  I couldn’t wait to give this a try.

So…. with WEEKS of anticipation built up in my head, imagine the happiness I felt this past Tuesday as I wheeled the double stroller to the park to take part in my very first Fit4Mom class.  I was giddy with excitement and I am THRILLED to report – Fit4Mom was every bit as wonderful as I hoped it would be.  And also, it was hard.

I felt like I was in okay shape for a woman 21 weeks post c-section. I’ve been running a lot, I go to yoga 1-2 times per week, I walk a lot and also, I haul two babies each weighing about 15lbs around all day (lovingly of course). But this workout was legit.  I am writing this after wincing in pain trying to squat to sit down into my chair.  THAT kind of legit.

We did squats, burpees, butt kickers, skiers, step ups, push ups, tricep dips, tension band exercises (with more squats), pelvic floor lifts, toe touches, jumping jacks, high knees… the list goes on and on.  All of these were done in 30 second circuits broken up by laps run around the park with our without your stroller (mommy’s choice).  I left tired, hungry (from all those lost calories), and ready to go back.

An added bonus – the other moms! Everyone, even the instructor, wheeled up with their stroller and were kind and friendly.  I felt welcomed.  We chatted as best we could while doing squats – trading thoughts/advice on winter apparel for babies and the best jogging strollers.  Fit4Mom talks a lot about ‘Our Village’ of moms and building a community of families – and it was obvious from just one class how true that is.

Despite the major soreness I’m feeling today, I already can’t wait for my next Fit4Mom class! Just gotta wait until I can walk again….

Check out pics from the Fit4Mom Philly Instagram Page!


[Images from Fit4Mom website. I  was not compensated for this post. I am not responsible for the content of external links.]



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