4 Months Old!

The twins turned 4 months old yesterday — time is flying.

I feel like the 3 to 4 month transition was huge.  They really transformed from newborns to babies/infants.  We play now, they smile and giggle, H is so close to rolling over (!), and L loves to make a clucking noise with her tongue. Their personalities are starting to shine through!

Our days are getting easier.  I follow the EASY method – also known as Eat Play Sleep – which really has started to click lately.  Keeping them on a schedule during the day has also helped them sleep better at night.  We’ve had a few nights of uninterrupted sleep, which is amazing.  I wake up almost drunk from sleep – I crave more and more.

We are so in love with these little two buttons.  I couldn’t imagine my world without them for a minute.



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