Mom Guilt

I’ve had a number of runs lately that have ended the same way: I start slowly, I get in the groove, I finish up…. then I find myself wishing  I had gone a little further.

For some reason, I get going but then I start to feel mom guilt about leaving Chris with the babies for too long.  I need to work on that.  5-10 more minutes isn’t going to hurt anyone, right?!

I spent some time today thinking of all the reasons I should think of to help combat workout induced mom guilt. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

I’ll be happier. Once of my worst postpartum weeks was when I didn’t get to workout at all.  I had ZERO time to myself (aside from taking a shower each day), so I felt like a zombie.  I was cranky and overtired….and I threw a FIT over the fact that I couldn’t find my spanx. Case and point? I need to get some endorphins to feel

I’ll be stronger, healthier, and fit.

I’ll be more sane – See above about my workout-less week and the fit I threw over my spanx.

And finally, time apart is good for me and the babies! AND it’s even better that Chris gets to spend time with the babies alone when I’m out running.

I’m a stay at home mom — but I am going to do my best to remember that just because being a mom is my full time job that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t forget that I have needs.  SO from here on out, I’ll be encouraging myself to make time for exercise (and myself in general).  AND when I do get out the door, I’ll be sure to give myself an extra 5-10 minutes…. it will pay off!



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