Recap: Week of 9/19

Guess what? It was a GOOD week! The pattern continues…


Started the week on a tired note – the twins keep waking up at 4am to feed, which after a couple good nights of sleeping through the night feels like torture.  It’s like my body already forgot how to have a newborn.  Getting up with the babies at the 4am hour is the worst because I’ve deemed it “no mans land”.  There’s nothing great about 4am.  It’s too early to just feed the twins then stay up and start the day (like I often do when the twins wake up to feed at 5am), but it’s also too late to go to feed the twins and then get back to sleep before waking up at a productive time.

If they wake up at 3:45, by the time I feed them and get them back to sleep its nearly 5am. I always try to get another quick 1.5 hours of sleep before going run.  “Set your alarm for 6:30am” I say.  “You’ll get up and go right out the door”, I say.  But then….fast forward to 7:55am when I’m walking out the door waiting impatiently for my Garmin to get signal and connect (another story entirely – does anyone else hate how long it takes their Garmin to connect?!).

Regardless, got miles in AND went out for a long run on Saturday: 5 miles! Wahoo! The temperature was perfect, cool and slightly damp.  Plus it was Philly Free Streets which is a fantastic initiative which temporarily closes “Philly streets to vehicles, inviting people to walk, bike, & play”.  I ran 5 miles on South Street which was completely free of cars – and amazingly full of folks running, walking, biking, scootering (ugh), etc.  It was great to see people of all ages and fitness levels out getting active.  Cheers to Philly Free Streets for a well done event. I wish they could do it every week!

9/20: 3 miles 

9/21: 2 miles

9/23: 3 miles

9/24: 5 miles

Total Mileage for the week: 13 miles (!)

Total Fitbit Steps for the week: 88,511




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