Recap: Week of 9/12

I seem to go in waves — good week, bad week, good week, bad week. Last week was a good week, so I should have been prepared for this to be a bad week.

Clarification, when I say ‘bad week’ I’m referring to running. Thankfully, the twins are great. Growing and SLEEPING! At the beginning of the week they slept one night from 10:15 until 7:45am.  It was incredible.  Of course I woke up a million times overnight thinking I heard them – but I would find each time they were snoozing peacefully in their crib.

I’ve been working lately on getting a schedule established for them and for myself.  I am a schedule person.  I like having structure to my days – and I’ve found that newborns make that hard to do.  But as the twins get older, it’s getting a little easier each day.  Some days are better than others, and things are slightly different from day to day but we’re getting there!  I’m following the EASY method – Eat, Activity, Sleep/You time.  The twins eat every 3 hours (which takes about 30-45 minutes), then the remaining time in the 3 hour cycle is split between activity and then sleeping.  While the twins sleep I get some time to myself (aka You time).  Usually my “You Time” consists of loading/unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry, tidying the house, and writing these posts (they’re snoozing as I type!) — so it’s not super relaxing, but still it’s better than nothing.

ANYWAY, back to my ‘bad week’.  Started out strong on Tuesday with an energized run, but then the rest of the week happened…. I got a cold, Chris left on a business trip to California, and my parents came to visit (and help me with the twins which was amazing!).  The cold knocked me out way more than I thought it would.  I felt so groggy Wednesday – Friday.  I know being busy with my parents and not sleeping well added to the grogginess.  But I decided to give myself a break and stick to walks with the stroller rather than forcing myself to run.  So a ‘bad week’ this week hopefully means a good week next week! Fingers crossed.

9/13: 3 miles

9/14: 3 miles (walk)

9/15: 2.5 miles (walk)

9/17: 3 miles

Total Mileage for the week: 6 miles running; 11.5 miles total

Total Fitbit Steps for the week:93,480




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