2017 Holiday Gift Guide – For Runners

The holiday season is upon us – which means it’s time to do one of my favorite things: shop for presents! I love gift giving. All year long I earmark catalogs and save links to products that I think would make great gifts for everyone on my list.  So as a result, I’m that person on Christmas morning excitedly waiting for recipients to open a gift from me.  So to help spread the gift giving love – I’ve put together a list of great gifts for any runners on your list!  Some of these things are favorites of mine, and some are on my list this holiday! (Hubby take note!).  So whether you need gift ideas for yourself, or for others, you’re sure to find one or two (or ten!) here.

Also, be on the lookout because I’ll be posting two more gift guides soon – one for kiddos and one for non-runners!

Multiples & Miles'

Disclaimer: Please note that there are affiliate links on this page and I will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. However, all opinions are my own. Thank you for your support.

Multiples & Miles’ 2017 Runners Holiday Gift Guide: 

Senita Sarah Sports Bra – $26

Senita Sarah Sports Bra .jpg

I am SO grateful my friend Noel introduced me to Senita several months ago – because I am OBSESSED.  Their mission is to sell high quality fitness apparel at affordable prices….and they deliver 100%.  I have several items from Senita, but by far my favorite is the Sarah Sports Bra (I swear it’s not just because of the name!).  The fabric is thick but breathable, and the fit is supportive and comfortable.  I’ve had no issues with chafing – I even wore it for the marathon with no rubbing, a first for me! Plus, the biggest bonus is the back pocket for stashing your phone, keys, wallet, whatever.

Milestone Pod – $29.95

Milestone Pod.jpg

I’ve been dying for a Milestone Pod for months.  Santa, if you’re reading – please deliver? I’ve been really good this year.  The Milestone Pod is waterproof foot pod with that automatically tracks running pace, distance, stride length, foot strike and other metrics.  I’ve always been curious about my form – strides, foot strike, etc – so I am really hoping to see one under my tree to help me get a sense for how efficiently I’m running.  It’s also super useful for the winter months because it still works and tracks your running stats while running indoors on the treadmill when GPS isn’t available and Garmins aren’t reliable.  Once you’re done running the pod is equipped with Bluetooth for syncing with your Android or iOS device – so you can get all your stats delivered to your phone via the Milestone App.  Fingers crossed I’ll be analyzing stats in 2018 – Santa don’t let me down!

Oofos Unisex Ooriginal Flip Flop – starting at $24.99


Oofos are called “recovery footwear” and you’ll know why as soon as you slide your feet into them.  These are great for runners but truthfully, I wish I had known about them sooner when I worked long days on my feet! Oofos are designed to alleviate foot stress and soreness caused by the “daily grind”.  I have high arches and love the way my Oofos support my feet. They are my favorite things to wear after a long run, or any run!

RunInk – starting at $13


Run Ink race prints are the coolest way to commemorate a marathon or other race finish.  Each print includes the runner’s name, time and bib number as well as details about the race and the race course. The designs are colorful and stylish – and while ‘Marathon Maps’ are their most common items, you can choose any distance half-marathon, 5K, triathlon, etc.   Prints are shipped on matte paper in standard sizes and will fit in any 5″x7″, 8″x10″ or 12″x18″ frames based on your selected size.  For last minute gifters, choose the digital option –  a digital file will be emailed to you directly (within one business day!).

Goodr Sunglasses – $25


I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Goodr Sunglasses – and I really want a pair in my stocking this year.  The idea behind Goodr glasses is simple: they make the best sunglasses for under $30. If you need the most high tech and expensive shades on the market, these are not for you. If you’re just trying to  keep the sun out of your eyes on a run, want to look great once you’re done and don’t want to invest a lot of money in something you’ll probably lose or sit on — look no further. They make fun colors – pink, yellow, orange white – but also have more neutral colors like black and gray too.  All Goodr sunglasses have glare-reducing, polarized lenses.  Plus, they’re lightweight and have grip coating on the frames to help prevent mid-run slippage.

RaceHer Box Subscription – starting at $35

RaceHer Box

RaceHer Box is the ONLY running subscription box just for women runners – and it’s the perfect gift idea for any lady runners in your life.  Every other month, RaceHer curates an assortment of gear and goodies that women runners will love. The items inside are always a surprise.  Boxes typically include 2-3 pieces of run-specific gear, 1-2 snacks, 1-2 pampering items and something extra just for fun. So with 4-7 items total, a RaceHer Box subscription is like the gift that keeps on giving.  It will feel like the holidays every other month!

Scout Stroller Trailer Hitch – $299

Scout Carrier.jpeg

Pricey, BUT hear me out because the Scout Stroller Trailer Hitch promises to be a game changer.  It’s a bike rack, for a BOB Stroller.  As you all know, I adore my BOB – but it’s a beast.  It’s hard to take places or on vacation because it takes up the entire back of our car leaving no room for luggage or our dog! I have a Scout on my holiday list for sure – because it would be amazing to reclaim the trunk again, and make room for all the stuff needed for traveling with twin toddlers, two adults, and a pup.  Plus, the Scout Stroller Trailer Hitch does all the heavy lifting for you – which sounds a lot easier than heaving the BOB up into the car! Right now, the Scout only works with all BOB Revolution models (single and double, old or new) – but they’re working on a model for Baby Joggers next. So, if you have a BAMR (or dad!) who runs with a stroller on your gift list this year….consider a Scout!

Momentum Jewelry Foot Note – $9.99

Momentum Jewelry Foot Note

I’ve worn a Momentum Jewelry Foot Note on my shoe for the past 17 months – and today, same as the day I first put it on, it makes me smile.  Individually made by hand, each Momentum Jewelry Foot Note is the perfect way to motivate and inspire any runner.  There are 31 messages to pick from like “1 More Mile”, “Commit to Fit”, “Earned Not Given”, and “Stronger Everyday”, but there’s also the option to make a custom footnote for $17.99.  The Foot Notes are small and lightweight but will make a BIG impact for the recipient!

lululemon Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve – $78

Swiftly Tech

I own an embarrassing amount of these shirts as quick scan of my Instagram page will confirm but I can’t help but buy them frequently because they are my favorite.  And for good reason, they’re the best! Designed with “Silverescent® technology” which helps prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria, the Swiftly Tech Longsleeve Shirts (and the shortsleeve shirts too!) are made to last forever.  The oldest one I have is 4+ years old and despite the fact that I wear it CONSTANTLY for working out (plus stretched it to the max wearing it during my twin pregnancy), it’s held up amazingly well.  I love the seamless fit which means no chafing and the fabric is lightweight so it’s the perfect feather-light layer. Plus with slightly longer long sleeves and thumb holes, it keeps my hands warm on chilly AM runs!

Run Fast, Eat Slow – $15

Run Fast Eat Slow

After her epic New York Marathon Finish – who DOESN’T want to run/be/live just like Shalane Flanagan? Well, thankfully we can eat like her with the recipes in her Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook.  A popular item among runners – this is a staple for the kitchen of anyone (like me!) who likes to cook, eat, and run.  My favorite recipes include Superhero Muffins, Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies, Spicy Black Beans, and Recovery Quinoa Salad – but truly there’s no going wrong with any of the dishes, sides, snacks, or smoothies in this book.

I wish you good luck and happy gifting this holiday season! I hope this has been helpful for finding the perfect gift for any runner on your list.  Be sure to check out my other gift guides coming soon for kiddos and non-runners! But before you go, I want to know: What’s on your wish list this year? I’d love to know what your wishing for, whether running-related or not. Leave a comment and let me know!




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