Recap: Week of 9/25

This was week 12 of my marathon training.  My schedule called for 44 miles (whoa!).  I hit 40 of those – including an 18 miler on Saturday that went SO well I am still feeling the runners high from it.

After spending the weekend at our friends’ wedding in New Hampshire, I woke up Monday so tired.  I just felt like my tank was empty.  I kept hitting snooze until finally I got up and hit the treadmill (we were at my parents’ house so I could use their home gym!) for a slow 2 miles.  It did feel good to get moving and sweat a little, but honestly 2 miles was all I had in me…..I felt grateful I did at least that.

Thankfully after some healthy eating, lots of hydration and another good nights sleep, I got up Tuesday feeling MUCH more like myself.  The weather was also perfect for an AM run, a little misty and cool – so I hit the ground running for an awesome 7 miler.  My hometown is pretty flat and I love being able to wind through (the tiny) town, so I find that I run well there.

We drove back to Philly on Wednesday which was a tough ride. H was sick with a cold, and L threw up as we were driving.  I was in the backseat basically covered in snot and vomit.  It was not very fun.  BUT we made it.

I ran an AWESOME 8 mile run on Thursday despite having a sore throat and sniffles which I obviously caught from H….and then L caught it too. So Friday was a lowkey day for us.  We went to Mama’s Movers Yoga and just laid low.  It was needed rest too because I had my 18 miler on Saturday, which as I mentioned I CRUSHED.  I felt so great – again it was a cooler morning, I wore a long sleeve the whole time.  I kept having to slow myself down during the first half of the run because I was nervous I would run out of gas.  But around mile 10 I let myself go and my paces flew.  I ran a 9:10 avg pace but my splits in the the second half of the run were 30+ seconds faster than the first.  It felt so great.

We took a nice family run on Sunday which was an unexpected treat when some plans got cancelled.  It was a great recovery run.


Overall, despite missing out on some miles on Monday I felt that my week was strong.  I finished feeling so great.  This week is another step back week – thankfully since I’m feeling tired after last weeks 40 miles.  7 weeks to go….hope this strong training continues!

9/25 – 2 treadmill miles
9/26 – 7 miles
9/27 – Rest/Travel Day
9/28 – 8 miles
9/29 – Mama’s Movers Yoga
9/30 – 18 miles (!!)
10/1 – 5 stroller miles


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