Mom Life: Mom Luxuries

I saw this meme on @mommydiaries the other day about pre-kid and post-kid luxuries the other day that made me laugh so hard! But it also got me thinking about what my mom luxuries are.

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Being a mom is amazing – and I love L&H with every fiber in my body.  But there are moments when I crave a few of these mom luxuries.  No, not flowers or chocolates or even new clothes (although let’s be real – I still buy those).  I’m talking about the things you used to take for granted, but now are the best things in the world.

So here is my list of mom luxuries.  But I’m curious, what are yours? What are the things you crave during “me time” – or even just think about wistfully from your pre-motherhood days? Comment below and share!

  1. A meal – Eating as a family is, and always will be, a priority for me.  But still some days I crave a meal where I don’t have to pick anything up off the floor, I get to eat my food warm and in one sitting and I don’t have to feed two babies while also feeding myself.  What’s really funny is that when hubs and I go out to dinner now for date nights I feel like we wolf down our food so fast because we’re so used to having to “eat while we can”! The waitstaff must think we are circus freaks!
  2. Clean Clothes – Shortly after the twins were born a friend shared with me that she’d learned most of motherhood – especially in the first year – revolved around something being damp and/or dirty.  And that’s so true.  L&H always seem to have damp clothes from drool, milk, water, juice, pee, etc.  And me? I’m always dirty! In fact, I went to Target the other day with a huge green smudge of avocado on my shirt.  And I didn’t care.  Truthfully, I chose not to change my shirt before leaving the house because I knew as soon as I did….my clean shirt would get dirty right away.  So why bother?!
  3. A shower – I know moms always talk about how they miss taking long showers – so this one is kind of cliche.  But its true.  A long shower is a total luxury to moms.  Anyone else hear fantom cries in the shower? I swear, everytime I’m in the shower all lathered up….I’m like WAIT, WHAT WAS THAT?! IS SOMEONE CRYING?! And I’m pretty sure 99.9% of the times its happened to me there has not been anyone crying.  But still, I always think I hear someone crying!
  4. Food – I’m constantly sharing bites of my food with L&H.  I want them to try all sorts of flavors, textures, etc – so I like exposing them to everything.  So if I eat it, they can eat it. Which is great – until I realize I’ve given them bites of most of my lunch and I’m sitting there hungry wondering what to make for myself.
  5. A Small Purse – When I get a night out – either with my husband or some girl friends – I always leave the house and feel like I’ve forgotten something.  I never have.  I only feel like I am forgetting something because leaving my house with keys, wallet, and phone vs those things + diaper bag + sippy cups with juice + sippy cups with milk + toys + sunscreen + hats + stroller is SO foreign to me (Thank goodness for strollers which help me cart all that stuff around the city).  So you better believe when I get to go out with a small purse – or even NO PURSE AT ALL (AAAH! LIVE IT UP MAMA!) it is a total luxury.
  6. Uninterrupted, Adult Conversations – As a SAHM I am with my kids solo 90% of the day.  And I really think it shows.  If you go to dinner with me now, there’s a good chance I’ll stop saying something mid sentence – literally I’ll just trail off – or I’ll forget what we were talking about really quickly.  I have mom brain, aka what happens to your brain when you don’t talk to adults as much as you used to — and instead spend your days listening to kiddie music and drilling new words into your toddlers brains (“Look! There’s a doggie! Doggie says woof woof! We love doggies!”)
  7. No Guilt – I’ve been a mom since June 2016, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more wracked with guilt than I have been in these past 15 months.  Am I doing enough as a mom? Am I doing enough as a wife? Am I loving both L&H equally? Did H get more snuggles today than L did? Am I selfish for taking a break? Am I a bad mom for wanting a break? Did I read enough books for L&H today? Did the dog get enough attention today? MOM. GUILT. IS. A. REAL. THING.  I do my best to check my guilt and I also have a mantra which I repeat to myself “You’re doing your best.  You’re doing great.” when I’m feeling like I’m falling short (even though I’m not).  But I miss the days of not feeling guilty.
  8. Car Naps –  Hubs and I are both originally from New England – and we spend time with family frequently.  So we travel up there from Philly a lot.  The drive can be anywhere from 5-7 hours depending on traffic….and man, I used to take the best car snoozes.  Hubs is amazing and doesn’t mind driving (or at least he has never objected), so I navigate us around traffic – especially in the NYC area – and do my passenger seat duties…. but when I wasn’t “working”, I would doze in that seat.  Now,  not only do I miss the passenger seat (I usually ride crammed in the backseat with the twins getting kicked repeatedly in the boob), but I also really miss taking longgggggg car naps.




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  1. My life – exactly! And probably a lot more wishful thinking….

    Now an sahm myself, my mom luxuries include : (1) getting dressed up … and fully made up to the occasion (2) simply wearing a decent pair of earrings without having to worry if any one of my kids had gulped down her throat any of my ear ornaments…and the list would go on….haha


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