Recap: Week of 9/4

Last week was a step back week.  And I needed it.  Week 9 of training (almost halfway!).  My plan called for 30 miles, including a long run of 13 miles.  I finished the week up at 28.5 miles – which I was a little bummed about since it was my lowest weekly mileage in a while.  I think it’s so funny and SUCH a ‘marathoner’ thing to say when I’m like “Oh BOO! I *only* ran 28.5 miles this week”.  I try to laugh at myself when I feel those negative thoughts creeping into my head because it’s like ?!?!? 28.5 miles is still amazing! It’s all about perspective.

My highlight of the week was for sure my long run.  We had a jam packed weekend with my nephews visiting – so I wanted to knock out my long run on Friday instead of doing it Saturday morning.  Chasing around 4 kiddos instead of just 2 was workout enough for Saturday and Sunday! So anyway, I made a plan to run 13 miles on Friday….and I am pretty proud of myself because I KILLED IT!

I got a little bit of a late start, but still it worked out okay.  I ran 6 miles solo while my hubs got the twins up, fed and dressed.  Our timing was perfect because they were ready just in time when I got home.  I walked the dog really quickly then I got L&H loaded up in the double stroller and off we rolled for 7 more miles.  My solo pace was 9:08 and my stroller pace was 9:33…for a combined overall average pace of 9:22.  I was so psyched.  I felt like a total BAMR.  The twins were awesome cheerleaders as well – but L was pooped apparently by the end of our 7 mile outing because she fell asleep 🙂

I rested Saturday (but again not really because having 2 extra kiddos in the house kept us busy!), and then we hit the road for a fun family run on Sunday.  It felt good to stretch out my sore legs and tight muscles.

Up next? Week 10 of training which is a BIG week.  41 total miles including a 17 miler.  I am nervous but really determined to complete all the scheduled runs and finish the week strong.

9/4 – 4 miles
9/5 – 4 stroller miles
9/6 – Rest Day
9/7 – 4 miles
9/8 – 13 miles
9/9 – Rest Day
9/10 – 3.5 stroller miles



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