Recap: Week of 8/21

This week was a jump in mileage on my training plan.  Last week (week 6 of training) I covered 27 miles and for week 7 my plan called for 36 miles.  By weeks end I did just over 34 miles – I cut one run short because I was exhausted.

The highlight of my week was Saturday’s 14 mile run.  It was a beautiful day here in Philly.  The temp was cool, no humidity, and the sky was clear blue.  It was a great day for a run and I felt so strong.  I had rested on Friday – I’ve been doing double workouts on Thursdays (Cross Training + Run) to give myself an extra rest day in the week and I really like it.  So I rested Friday then woke up and hit the pavement on Saturday.  My overall avg pace was 9:16 which I was really pleased with.  I covered the city East to West, and North to South.  It was fun exploring new areas.  I need to do that more often.

Another highlight of the week was running The Philly 10K on Sunday! I wasn’t sure what to expect after Saturday’s 14 miles, I thought for sure my legs would feel tired and heavy.  But it was the opposite! I was ready and excited to run.  I was even able to push my speed a bit in the second half of the race – I was mostly curious to see what I could do.  I finished with an overall average pace of 8:53.  The race itself was well organized and the course was enjoyable.  I loved that it was in my neighborhood – the 2 block walk to the starting line was the easiest pre-race trip I’ve ever made :).

Next week brings more miles – a short jump up to 37 total miles.  I am feeling ready!

8/21 – 2 miles + Mama’s Movers Yoga
8/22 – 7 stroller miles
8/23 – Rest Day
8/24 – 5 miles + Fit4Mom Stroller Strides
8/25 – Rest Day
8/26 – 14 miles
8/27 – 6.2 miles – Race Day! The Philly 10k


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