Recap: Week of 8/14

Last week was my return to Philadelphia – and back to life as I know it.  It was a bit of an adjustment since I missed having my parents around – they were so helpful with the twins! And it was certainly an adjustment dealing with the Philly heat again.  I missed the cool New England mornings!

It was also a tough transition back to my stoller runs.  I’m honestly out of stroller shape after nearly 3 weeks of “naked runs” (i.e.: solo runs) I found myself struggling a bit to get rolling again! I tried to ease back in with a 3 mile stroller run on Wednesday, but then had to ramp up with 9 mile and 6 mile stroller runs over the weekend because Chris was away.  It was either take the stroller or skip my runs – and you know I would never choose the latter :).

Thankfully for Sunday’s 6 mile run I was able to meet up with Lisa – a.k.a. Fit Mom of Twins! We have been following each other’s journey on Instagram for a while now and were finally able to meet up for a run together.  It was so much fun! I love the community of running and fit moms I’ve found on Instagram – and to be able to connect with one in person, especially a fabulous fit twin mama like Lisa, was so fantastic.  I can’t wait until our next run!

I’m a little nervous about the week ahead.  Week 7 of my training plan for the Philadelphia Marathon has me jumping up to 36 total miles for the week.  I’m already feeling pretty worn out from my busy day-to-day with the twins (they are SO heavy…honestly I’m sore almost every day from lifting them), so I’m focusing a lot on hydrating, good and plentiful (!!) nutrition – I’ve been struggling with this lately – and rest.  I hope that next week is a successful one!

Week of 8/14:

8/14 – Rest/Travel Day
8/15 – 6 miles
8/16 – 3 stroller miles
8/17 – 3 miles + Fit4Mom Stroller Strides
8/18 – Rest Day
8/19 – 9 miles
8/20 – 6 miles


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