Recap: Week of 3/6

34 miles! My highest mileage week of this training cycle – AND my highest mileage week postpartum.  It was daunting on Monday to take my first steps and get going, knowing what I had ahead of me.  But I took it day by day, run by run and got through it.  Having a lighter week the week earlier really helped.  My first run out on Monday was on well rested legs and I killed it! I ran 8 miles with the stroller at a 9:12 avg pace.  My goal race pace is 9:08 avg pace.  So starting off the week on that note was a HUGE high for me.

Even better was my long run on Saturday, I did 11 miles (solo this time) at a 9:03 avg pace! My mantra for the first half was “slow down”.  I kept chanting it to myself over and over.  I was so excited to be out and see what I could do, I could feel myself racing faster and faster.  So I held myself back as best I could for the first part of the run, but then around miles 6-8 I let myself go for it! I’m hoping to do something similar for the race with maybe a few more pace variations throughout.


2 more weeks until race day! This week coming up I’ve got a slightly lighter mileage load, but still 5 runs.  I’ve got a 12 miler planned for Saturday but I want to run that one nice and slow and easy.  That is unless this storm/blizzard that’s heading our way pans out.  If we get tons of snow I may be struggling to find clear roads to run on! Anyone have a treadmill I can borrow?

3/6: 8 miles

3/7: 6 miles

3/8: Rest

3/9: 6 miles

3/10: Rest

3/11: 11 miles

3/12: 3 miles


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