Recap: Week of 2/13

Last week was a push.  It was my highest mileage training week for this round of half marathon training….and therefor my highest mileage postpartum week yet (I think).  I did 29 miles total, 16 of those were stroller miles. WHEW!

All in all, it was a great week.  My runs were pretty strong. Thursday’s run was by far my toughest just because I was absolutely spent from the previous two runs and it was super windy out making it a tough stroller run.  My favorite run of the week was Saturday’s 9 miler.  I went out solo, it was sunny and about 45 degrees (the day itself got up to 65 degrees!) and just ran my heart out.  I felt really great.


This week (week of 2/20) brings another tough week of training – 30 miles this week.  I am also going to try and sneak a yoga class or two in there since my legs are really tight from all the stroller pushing.  Speaking of which, I really think Garmin and/or Fitbit need to have a ‘Stroller Running’ function on their trackers.  I would love to know how my stats differ from solo running!

5 weeks to go until the Bakers Dozen Half Marathon!  I’m thinking of aiming for a 9:20 min/mile pace….perhaps even a 9:10! I want to see how my longer training runs go before zeroing in on my goal.  I know for sure though that my paces have been stronger and faster then they were before my pregnancy – so I’m hoping I can get a PR! Fingers crossed.

Week of 2/13:

2/13: Rest Day

2/14: 5 miles

2/15: 7 miles

2/16: 4 miles

2/17: Rest Day

2/18: 9 miles

2/19: 4 miles


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