Recap: Week of 2/6

Last week was week 6 of my half marathon training – race is on 3/25, so I’m halfway there! It was a “down week”, a concept that I often struggle with.  After building up mileage and distances for 6 weeks, I know the point is to recover and allow myself to feel restored in the coming weeks of training – but mentally it is tough to not feel lazy! And I know for people who don’t run it’s hilarious to think that running “only” 19 miles in a week is lazy.  But for my running friends, I know you totally get me.

It was convenient that it snowed last week, since I had two rest days to play with.  The streets were messy Thursday AM so I chose not to risk a fall and used my second rest day that morning. I had also rested Monday which amazing.  It was a beautiful day so I took the twins for a long walk and then we went to the playground for the first time!  Fingers crossed the snow and beautiful days line up like that every time….or it just doesn’t snow again at all until Spring.  Please?? Universe, are you listening?


(Monday’s Rest Day!)

My favorite run of the week was Saturday’s family run.  I’m really starting to love this unofficial tradition of family runs on Saturday AM.  We get up with the kiddos and do their morning routine – change diapers/clothes, have bottles then solids.  The twins play a bit while Chris and I get ready and then we all head out for a run together! This time even Roxy wanted to join in.  I’ve discussed Roxy as a runner in the past….sometimes she’s just NOT into it at all and you have to drag her until finally you give in and just turn back home (which at that point she runs happily…little brat).  But on Saturday she was super willing to hit the sidewalks for a run with us.  She did the whole 4 miles!


(Saturday’s Family Run)

My best run of the week was Sunday’s 5K.  My training plan called for running a 5K race, but I didn’t get myself organized to sign up for an official race.  So I decided to “race” against myself.  I ran a 8:52 min/mile pace which for me is amazing.  I’m in absolute awe of myself right now – at the risk of sounding like a total narcissist. I’m 8 months postpartum and I’m running faster then I ever was pre pregnancy.  I hope this forward progress continues! I know it won’t be perfect, just like it hasn’t been so far….I’ve had ups and downs.  But overall, I am committed to working hard to keep getting better, faster, and stronger.


1/6: Rest (I walked 5 miles with the twins though! Whew!)

1/7: 6 miles

1/8: 4 miles

1/9: Rest

1/10: 2 miles + Stroller Strides

1/11: 4 miles

1/12: 5K (3.1 miles)

Total Mileage: 19.1 miles



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