Recap: Week of 1/30

This was the week of sick and sloppy.  The babies were sick – their colds from last week cleared up just in time for them to get a stomach bug, Roxy threw up on Monday, and then I started feeling sick on Saturday.  I am in full countdown to springtime, when sickness isn’t everywhere — just only in some places.  If you’re interested you can countdown with me here.

My runs were still pretty good this week and helped me keep my sanity for sure.  Wednesday’s 6 miler was tough – it was really windy so running with the stroller was a challenge.  It was also one of those days when everything (or it felt like everything) went wrong. I was so focused on getting the babies ready, I failed to meet my needs. So I chugged my Vega which gave me slosh belly. I forgot to un-pause my Garmin after stopping to check on the babies then I also managed to shut it off mid-run! When I left the house it was beautiful and sunny, then turned super windy and cold. Extra emphasis on the wind.  I’m not joking when I say – it blew in my face nearly every direction I went. Not exaggerating: north south east west, no matter which way it blew against us. Except for mile 3 when it blew hard from the side so I had to hold on really tight to the Dualie to keep it rolling straight. And finally, back at home I nailed myself in the shins with the stroller while folding it up. It was the perfect ending — at that point all I could do was laugh!

In reality though, that felt like the theme for the whole week. Sloppy, but manageable. Nothing was perfect (has as if it ever is), but we got through it and we all survived.  Time to turn the page and head on to the next week!

1/30: REST

1/31: 4 miles

2/1: 6 miles

2/2: 3 miles

2/3: Cross Training – Fit4Mom Stroller Strides

2/4: 4 miles

2/5: 8 miles

Total Mileage: 25 Miles


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