Recap: Week of 1/23

A great week here.  All around strong runs with steady (and some fast!) paces.  This is week 4 out of 12 for my half marathon training.  I hope that training continues like this, but I am being realistic and preparing for a few bumps along the way.  A major help is the weather.  It has been mild here in Philly with highs in the 40s and some days up in the 50s.  It makes stroller runs so pleasant and possible.  I am hoping snow stays far far away….that will cause me some bumps in my training plan!

Three of my runs (4m, 5m, 3m) were stroller runs this week and the remaining two were solo.  My solo runs (3m and 7m) both had paces of 9:05 min/mile! I didn’t go out with a pace in mind, it’s just where I settled.  And for both runs I definitely had some miles left in the tank, which I take to be a good sign for future runs.


Here’s to more weeks of nice weather filled with great runs!

1/23: REST

1/24: 4 miles

1/25: 5 miles

1/26: 3 miles

1/27: Fit4Mom Stroller Strides

1/28: 3 miles

1/29: 7 miles


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