Recap: Week of 1/9

This week everything felt like normal.  We all got over our colds and sickies.  The babies were back to their happy, easy selves.  I got back out for runs, although I did have some weird leg pains on Thursday 1/12 that kept me in for a day.  But still, it was like a nice easy “normal” week for which I am extremely grateful.

My favorite run of the week was Friday’s 6.5 mile stroller run.  It was nice – very sunny and mild.  I honestly felt like I got a suntan! I pushed hard against the wind and was pooped by the end of the run, but I felt proud of myself for cranking out 6.5 miles.  Plus the twins took a great stroller nap.  I’m already itching for another long run next week.


1/9: Rest

1/10: 3 miles + Hot Yoga

1/11: 2 miles

1/12: Rest

1/13: 6.5 miles

1/14: 2 miles

1/15: Rest


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