Recap: Week of 1/2

WHEW! What a week to kick off the new year.  All in all, it wasn’t so bad….it just had it’s challenges.

I started the week off with a rest day — my first day with no running in 39 days.  Because of the streak I was so used to running everyday, it was actually hard for me to not go out.  I struggled mentally a bit, I kept reminding myself that it’s okay to rest and in fact my body needs it from time to time.  I tend to be hard on myself….I very rarely say “it’s okay to do nothing” and instead I fill my days with tons of to-dos, workouts, tasks, etc.  So I rested….I beat myself up about it but I rested.

I hit the pavement again on Tuesday (which felt like a Monday) with a 5.5 mile solo run.  It was balmy out which was pleasant after being away up north where it had been so cold! Then Wednesday the kiddos and I did a stroller run for another 5.5 miles.  It was another warm day which felt great to me but I stressed for most of it about the twins’ comfort level and temperature.  I was worried they were TOO warm under the bubble.  They didn’t cry – and they weren’t sweaty or flushed when I finished though so I suppose they felt just right.

The week took a tough turn though….I started not feeling great on Wednesday night, which wasn’t too surprising considering the twins both had colds and Chris also was getting over a cold.  But by Thursday I could tell I was really off and based on my symptoms was starting to worry I had strep throat.  A quick trip to the doctor confirmed my fears, I did in fact have strep.  Ugh. Thankfully Chris was able to clear his schedule for late Thursday afternoon and step in on Daddy Duty while I got a bit of rest in.  Antibiotics are miracle workers though because by Friday I felt much better.   Not 100% but definitely on the mend.

We cancelled plans and spent the weekend laying low and all resting up.  It snowed in Philly which also kept us housebound.

So like I said, a tough week but all in all not so bad.  We got through it, and hopefully we’ll be kicking off next week feeling healthy and great!


1/2: REST

1/3: 5.5 miles

1/4: 5.5 miles + Mommy & Me Yoga

1/5: REST

1/6: REST

1/7: REST

1/8: 2.5 miles


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