Recap: Week of 11/7

What a week! 18 total miles – a great tally for me lately.  I got up and ran early 4 days last week – an even greater tally for me! I am really appreciating Daylight Savings Time this year.  Normally I don’t think too much about it other than to gripe that it’s getting dark so early.  I’m still doing that this year, but I’m also happy and appreciative of the extra sunlight in the morning.  It makes getting out to run around 7am so much easier.

I got a haircut Tuesday which has made post-running tangles a thing of the past.  My hairdresser took off 7 inches from some layers of my hair, it was really long! I was so sick of constantly detangling after runs, and also I hated how long it took to blow dry – so I’m really happy about the change.

I did notice though on some of my early morning runs, I find myself rushing to get longer distances in in shorter time periods.  I want to make sure Chris gets out the door to work on time and I also hit snooze as many times as I can to get more sleep.  That combination results in me often being a bit rushed.  I want to try to be better about getting better quality miles in vs more quantity.  Is it better to run a great 2.5 miles or a rushed 3 miles? When I rush, my breathing is uneven and scattered – but when I’m running relaxed and well paced it’s even and I’m not winded.  I also have more time to focus on my stride vs when I’m rushing and I feel my steps are short and choppy.  This is something I’ll be focusing on and maybe I’ll talk more about soon.  Does anyone else feel the same though about quality miles vs quantity?

Also last week I did some great cooking.  So expect some delicious recipes coming your way!

11/7 – 3 miles

11/8 – 3 miles

11/10 – 2 miles

11/11 – 3 miles + Mommy & Me Yoga

11/12 – 7 miles


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