Recap: Week of 10/10

The weather was amazing last week.  Perfect fall conditions: sunny, crisp, cool.  Loved it.

Even better, we went to Massachusetts to visit family (both Chris and I grew up in South Eastern MA – near Cape Cod) where it was in the 40s each morning!

It felt so nice to go for a run and view the changing leaves – it felt so New England (see my pic below)! Plus, I logged 8 miles which felt really great.  I have to say, I had fun on that long run.  I did start slow because I was talking to my sister on the phone, but it was a great way to ease into the run without going out to fast and burning out.

PLUS I’m feeling super motivated since I decided, after much internal debate, to run my first post-babies race next weekend! The Perfect 10 Miler in NJ! I can’t wait to share more details as I get prepped and ready for the big day.

10/10: Yoga

10/12: 3 miles

10/14: 3 miles

10/15: 8 miles



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