Work It Out: Mommy & Me Yoga

Fitness classes are so fun – at least I think so.  And I love trying all sorts of them.  Look forward to lots of ‘Work It Out’ posts where I share my experiences at new/different fitness classes.

First up, Mommy & Me Yoga! I love yoga – I try to go as often as I can.  I did a lot of yoga during my pregnancy.  It was a great way to stay active with little/no impact.  I loved it! So I am happy to continue my practice at Mommy & Me Yoga.

We’ve been to Mommy & Me Yoga at Mama’s Wellness Joint a few times now, and it’s fantastic.  The studio is so welcoming – and I really enjoy sharing an hour with other moms with their babies.  The class starts with everyone introducing themselves and sharing a bit about how things are going – with the babies, how we are feeling physically and emotionally. The first time I went to class the babies were 11 weeks old.  I was terrified. I was worried they would fuss and I’d be unable to console them. I was also paralyzed with fear about how to handle two babies in public without all the gear we have at home (i.e.: the boppies… seriously, I wouldn’t survive twin babies without our boppies). But, no surprise, the folks at Mama’s Wellness Joint were welcoming, kind, and MORE than happy to help hold a baby while I got my mat set up and blankets unrolled for L and H to lay on.

We’ve been several times, and I am looking forward to making Mommy & Me yoga a part of our weekly routine.  MWJ offers 3 weekday Mommy & Me classes, plus several other options for moms with older kids, like Mama’s Movers which welcomes kiddos to come romp around while moms get a little bit of a flow going! A great idea.

They’re now offering a Baby & Me class on the weekends – 1st Saturday of every month – where dads are welcome to join with their babies! I can’t wait to go with Chris and the twins 🙂


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