Send a Hug Art Project

I know this time of social distancing and quarantine is taking its toll on everyone. We are used to seeing family only a few times a year – since we live far away, but now it seems even worse since the idea of a visit isn’t even an option. We are missing friends as well.

We have loved making cards and writing letters to send in the mail – taking a walk to the town mailbox is half the fun! But last week, we sent extra love by sending HUGS in the mail to our friends and relatives.

We unrolled a long piece of paper on the floor – we use an easel roll from Melissa and Doug – then I had L&H lay down one at a time with their arms stretched out. I traced them — warning there will be lots of giggles and wiggles! – then they used crayons and markers to decorate their paper bodies.

I cut out the hugs and then folded them up and put them in an envelope for the mail! Two toddler sized hugs weighed just under an ounce so I only needed one stamp, but if you are sending more hugs you may want to double up to make sure it makes it to it’s final destination.

It was a really fun way to send love in the mail and brighten the days of our loved ones who we miss so much!

Next time your kiddos are feeling sad and missing their friends or relatives – try sending them a hug! Maybe you’ll get some in return 🙂 





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