Current Maternity Favorites

I’ve gotten some questions about what I’m wearing and loving as my bump grows – so I thought I would do a round up!

After I delivered L&H I lovingly packed up my maternity clothes knowing (and hoping) that someday I would get pregnant again.  The funny thing is that this time around my pregnancy is the opposite seasons from when I was pregnant with L&H! I carried the twins through the winter – so I lived in leggings and sweaters.  But this time around I’m carrying through the summer so it’s been all about flowy, high waisted dresses and shorts.  BUT of course both times I’ve relied heavily on a good stack of workout and athleisure wear.

My go-to stores for maternity wear are H&M, ASOS, Gap, Senita, and Old Navy.  I find their selections to be great and their prices to be reasonable.  Also, in the case of ASOS especially they have a free shipping and returns so I often order a big haul of things and return what doesn’t work for me after a try on at home.

Here’s a list of what I’m wearing and loving these days.  Also, I am all about transitional items that can be worn before, during, or after pregnancy so items marked with a ** denote a NON maternity item that’s still bump friendly!

Maternity Favorites.png


1. Lululemon Swiftly Tech Tanks/Tees/Long Sleeve Tops – starting at $58 ** I cannot say enough about my Lululemon Swiftly Tech Tops…..I have several that have now accompanied me through both the twin pregnancy (and let me tell you that was a BIG belly) and this pregnancy AND then the period in between.  They are like miracle shirts.  They stretch but don’t stretch out.  If you’re newly pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, very pregnant and want something to wear after you deliver – these tops are a great choice.

2. Old Navy Tie Back Tanks – $20 ** I actually got a slew of these non-maternity tie back tanks during my first trimester when I was starting to show, but not I wasn’t ready to share our good news yet.  They were perfect for hiding my ‘second-time-around’ pooch and now are great for my ‘almost-third-trimester’ belly! And since the tie back allows me to make them as loose or tight as I want I know they’ll be a great PP choice as well.


3. Senita Mamacity Maternity Capris – $39  These pants – like all of Senita’s other gear – are top notch quality. You’d never believe they are under $40.  They cover the belly completely which took a little getting used to for me especially in hot summer weather but I do not attend a barre or cardio class in anything else! They are my absolute favorite maternity workout pants.

4. True & Co V Neck Bra – $49 ** This bra. THIS BRA.  OMG this bra.  It’s butter soft and seamless – to the point that literally I don’t even know I’m wearing a bra.  AND it’s supportive.  It’s non maternity so I have worn it before and during my entire pregnancy so far – with no issues.  It was kind to my tender boobs during the first trimester and I know it will be great for nursing/swollen breasts after the baby arrives.

5. H&M Tank Tops and T Shirts – starting at $17.99 for a 2 pack  These basics have been a staple for me this summer.  I like that they have lots of colors to choose from – it makes mixing and matching easy.  They’re soft and good quality cotton.  ALL of H&M’s maternity wear is fantastic but these have been my favorite so far.  I am going to stock up on long sleeve options for when the weather gets cooler!

6. Motherhood Maternity High Waisted Underwear – $20 for a 2 pack  These undies became a staple for me when I was PP with the twins.  I loved the way they supported my c-section scar and PP belly.  And while they are technically labeled as ‘post-pregnancy underwear’ they have actually been a staple for this pregnancy for the same reason: support.  They felt great on my growing belly during the late first trimester and into the second and they even are still working for me as I near my third trimester.  I know I’ll be wearing them lots PP this time as well.  I highly recommend!

7. Amazon One Piece Bathing Suit – $16  A true blessing of my summer pregnancy has been the fact that I’m at the pool A LOT with L&H.  They love to swim, and I love floating in the water keeping cool.  I looked around at a lot of maternity bathing suits but I was flabbergasted at the cost of some that I found (I’m sorry Hatch, your suits are cute but $200 is NOT what I’m willing to spend for one season).  I took to trusty Amazon to take a look at the selection and LOVED this suit that I picked out.  You can’t beat the price, it’s well made, and very flattering.

8. Senita Maternity Rio Shorts – $24  These are my go-to maternity running shorts.  I’ve tried others from GapFit and I just hate the way they ride up.  These stay put and support my bump better than others I have found! Plus I love that they are very cost effective.





9. Old Navy High Waisted Bikini Bottoms – $30  These bikini bottoms have become a staple for me at the pool since I rotate them among several different tops like this one and this one. Finding one bottom that you like and then pairing it with different tops (either maternity or not!) is a great way to get more mileage out of your suits especially if you live at the pool everyday like us. 🙂


10. Motherhood Maternity Side Panel Jean Shorts – $28  This was my first maternity purchase for the summer – I needed a bit more room in my shorts but I wasn’t ready for the full belly panel yet…and with a long weekend trip to the beach quickly approaching I needed them FAST.  Amazon Prime to the rescue as always!  They are durable, comfortable, and I like that the side panel could allow for PP use as well.


11. Hatch Relax Wellness Oil – $26 Not a clothing item – but a big staple for me is this Hatch Relax Wellness Oil. I admit that I purchased it on a whim while I was browsing the Hatch website – but BOY am I glad I did.  As the website description says it’s perfect for those “holy sh*t I’m having a baby” moments at 3am”.  I roll it on my pulse points at bedtime, or as needed in the middle of the night, and it helps soothe my worries and ease me back to sleep.



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