My Parenting Secret

I get it all the time. People constantly say to me “I don’t know how you do it.”

And sure. I get it. Twins are a lot. Twin toddlers are really a lot. Yes I’m busy.  I won’t deny that.  Ever wonder what I do all day?? Well, I stay at home full time with L&H so I chase them around, engage them, entertain them, and care for them all day.  I also am almost always training for a full or half marathon. And I work 3-5 hours a week during naptime. And I’m a wife. And I manage a household.  And I’m the president of my local MOMS Club chapter. And I run a seasonal business from November to December. And sometimes I even find time to blog here.

But here’s the thing.  Every parent is busy.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.  There’s childcare, work, stay at home parent life, travel, extended family, PTAs, social clubs, boards, side hustles, hobbies….you name it.

So that is why I’ve decided to share my absolute best piece of parenting advice ever – and also the secret to how I do what I do everyday.

Are you ready?


Yup. You read that right.  I take naps. At least 1-2 times per week, I get L&H down for their nap and I take a nap too.  Most days it’s 15 minutes or so, but there has been several occasions when I close my eyes before I set my alarm and then next thing I know I’m waking up 1.5 hours later.  Often times my first thought is, oops. But then my second thought is, WOW I clearly needed that.

My to do list is full, just like every parent. And it’s just as full before my nap as after – yes.  But the thing that’s changed is that post nap my batteries are recharged, I’ve had a chance to get off my feet (most days I don’t sit down until lunchtime), and my brain has clicked off for just enough time to quiet the buzz of busy-ness.  I feel refreshed and ready to take on the second half of my day as a mom in the best way I can! To me there’s nothing worse than being a burnt-out mom.  Taking a nap helps prevent that from happening.

I admit I was hesitant to share this secret because I’m sure there will people who read this and think “Well must be nice, she’s a stay at home mom so she HAS time to nap during the day.  I bust my a** all day at an office and I can’t exactly nap at my desk.”  Well to that I respond: find your nap another time.  Maybe it’s 15 minutes of quiet time when you get home or after you’ve put your little one(s) to bed.  Maybe take 15 minutes before you get in the shower in the morning for yourself to collect your thoughts.  Maybe it’s taking 15 minutes to shut your monitor off at work or close your office door to quiet the buzz in your head.  Or what about taking a 15 minute walk around the block?

Whenever and whatever it is, find someway to find 15-20 minutes to rest your mind, relax your body and muscles, and close your eyes.  Soak in some quiet.  Nap if you can or if you want to. The tasks and to-dos will wait for you…they always do.  But your well being won’t. Recharge your batteries so you can be the best parent/spouse/worker/runner/yogi/whatever-it-is-you-do that you can be.



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