Recap: Week of 11/6

This week was a bit of a taper roller coaster for me.  I didn’t run much – and I struggled with finding the balance of knowing that’s okay and completely panicking about not being ready for race day.

Thankfully I have a great runner-support-system and received tons of texts, messages, and comments full of great insight and advice which made me feel better and helped me believe in my abilities again.

I ran 3 times and went to yoga once.  After 17 weeks of training, pushing myself and getting stronger it felt so odd to suddenly have an “easy” week.  A truly EASY week.  And rather then enjoying it, and telling myself that I’ve put the work in and it’s time to ride things out until race day….I panicked! I went to a dark place in my mind and jumped to the conclusion that two days off from running (one a planned rest day and the other due to two sick toddlers), would clearly result in me struggling on race day.

That’s the tricky thing about taper time.  It’s hard to switch your brain off from that runners charge.  It’s hard to say, it’s time to rest and trust in the training.

AH! So I panicked, I leaned on my support system – and thankfully I got my head back on straight again.  17 weeks of great training would not be undone by two days of rest.  And while I only got 3 runs in last week, all three were strong and successful.

So with week 18 done….that means only one week is left until RACE DAY! The countdown is on. I’m checking the weather non stop.  I’ve got all short, easy runs planned for next week with lots of rest, hydration, and good eats in between.  The day is almost here.  Next time I write an update it will be a RACE RECAP! So, I’ll see you on the other side!

11/6 – Mama’s Movers Yoga
11/7 – 4 stroller miles
11/8 – 5 miles
11/9 – Rest Day
11/10 – Rest Day (aka Sick Toddler Day)
11/11 – 8 miles
11/12 – Rest Day




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  1. That support system is everything during training! Glad to hear you got your taper thoughts all sorted out 🙂 I know I’ve been there myself during taper, but sometimes it’s an inevitable part of training. Sounds like you’re SO ready for race day!


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