Recap: Weeks of 7/31 and 8/7

After our whirlwind trip to San Francisco it felt wonderful to be “home” again – except for the last two weeks, “home” has been my childhood home(s) in Massachusetts and Vermont.  It was the best being with my parents for that long – honestly I don’t think I’ve  been home for that long a time since college! I loved seeing them spend time with the twins, and also getting a break from the city to spend time in the ‘burbs.  It was a treat having a big backyard to let L&H totter around in.  Most afternoons my mom and I would get the babies in their swimsuits and let them play in what we termed The Aquatic Center – which is a baby pool and water table on my parents’ patio.  It was nothing fancy, but the babies LOVED it.  H especially liked climbing all the patio furniture and touching all the beautiful flowers in their garden.  He even now says “flaaaa” when he sees flowers! Melts my heart.  We also spent time at the lake in Vermont and the ocean/beach in Massachusetts.  We even snuck in some time at a real pool too.  And we went to the zoo! We were busy….Overall it was a great trip.

It was a challenge keeping up with my training – especially since I didn’t have Chris to tag team childcare with.  My parents are extremely hands on and helpful as grandparents so they helped me out a lot but I didn’t want to burden them TOO much every day.  I did my best to get up early to squeeze my runs and workouts in before L&H woke up.  It was tough some days but I was always happy to have my run box checked off before the clock struck 8am.

I took one extra rest day yesterday (Sunday).  My legs felt tired after my 12 mile run the previous day, plus I wanted to do other stuff on my last day home….like take the twins for a wagon walk around the neighborhood and play one last time in the yard.  I often struggle mentally with choices like that.  I tend to beat myself up about skipping a workout (still doing it today), but I’m trying to remind myself that it’s okay to rest or drop a run here and there.  No training cycle is perfect.  Plus, I can take a 3 mile run most days, but I can’t always take my kiddos for a ride in the wagon.  🙂

We are back in Philly as of today.  I was so sad to leave my parents this morning – there were many tears from me.  I am such a homebody.  I love everything about being home. But alas, life must go on.   Looking on the brightside it will be great to get back to our normal routine AND start stroller running with L&H again.  I hope I’m up for the task – it’s been a while!

Week of 7/31:

7/31 – Rest / Travel Day
8/1 – 3 miles
8/2 – 6 miles
8/3 – 3 miles
8/4 – 6 miles
8/5 – 11 miles
8/6 – Rest

Week of 8/7

8/7 – 3 miles
8/8 – 6 miles
8/9 – 1 mile + Cross Train (30 minute Tabata Workout)
8/10 – 6 miles
8/11 – Rest Day
8/12 – 12 miles
8/13 – Rest Day


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