Recap Weeks of 7/10 and 7/17

I am officially training for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 18, 2017 — so I’ve decided, after too long of a break, to start posting weekly recaps of my progress and training.  Truthfully, taking time to reflect on my runs and training is a great mental exercise for me. I’ve missed it but I’ve found myself just passing it over on my to-do lists ever since I ran my half marathon back in March.  So I’m going to try and start it up again – and take it as seriously as I do my training runs.

Week of 7/10: 

Week 1 of training! I felt confident going into this week – especially since I had run a 7 mile race in Vermont the week before.  Despite it being very hilly and very hot I felt strong – so I knew I was in a good place to start training! I felt pretty good on my two 5 mile stroller runs Tuesday and Wednesday but was very ready for a rest day after my Thursday HIIT class.  My legs were burning after class! It was a humid day for my long 8 mile run on Saturday but I got it done with a 9:12 avg pace.  Week 1 is in the books – 18 to go!

7/10 – 3 miles
7/11 – 5 stroller miles
7/12 – 5 stroller miles
7/13 – Active Mom Fitness HIIT
7/14 – Rest Day
7/15 – 8 miles
7/16 – 4 miles

Week of 7/17

I definitely felt a little slower this week overall.  In the weeks prior to training I was averaging about 15 miles/week, so the bump up to 25 miles was big for me.  But I kept plugging along through the week.  The heat really took it out of me this week.  I tried really hard to hydrate during the days and at night but honestly it never felt like enough.  Especially after my long run on Saturday, which was SO hot, I couldn’t get enough water.  I had major slosh belly all day. But I logged another 25 miles for the week and week 2 is in the books!

7/17 – 3 stroller miles
7/18 – 5 miles
7/19 – 5 stroller miles
7/20 – Active Mom Fitness HIIT
7/21 – Rest Day
7/22 – 9 miles
7/23 – 3 miles


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