Recaps: Weeks of 4/17 and 4/24

You guys, I’m really blowing it with my recaps.  The good news is I keep a running spreadsheet of my mileage, and with my Instagram page I’m documenting each run/workout as they happen.  The bad news is I’m not taking time for myself to sit down and reflect on my progress. But, I guess late is better than never!

The past two weeks have been full of good runs and great workouts, as well as tough runs and tired rest days.  The twins are both officially on the move now and not going to lie, chasing them around leaves me BEAT by the end of the day.  So that combined with running/spinning/and HIIT workouts has made me feel fatigued lately.  Plus I’m feeling anxious that I’m on the edge of over training for my upcoming 10 miler.  Part of me regrets committing if I’m being completely honest – but I’ve decided that I’m going to stick with my commitment, but instead of going all out and risking injury I’m just going to run according to how I feel and have some FUN.  After that I’m going to focus on taking it easy for a few weeks – lots of yoga, cross training and easy run/walks – before I begin to ramp up again for fall races!

The weather in Philly has been all over the map, 80+ degrees one day then 60s or even 50s the next.  I’m remembering how hard running in the heat is! I need to secure a reliable hydration system for my runs.  I’m thinking its time for a camelback! Anyone have any suggestions on a great model?

So the countdown is down to TWO days until The Broad Street Run.  I’ll be sure to share a full week and race recap next Monday!

Week of 4/17

  • 4/17: REST / Travel Day
  • 4/18: 6 miles
  • 4/19: 3 miles
  • 4/20: Hot Yoga
  • 4/21: Rest
  • 4/22: 7 miles
  • 4/23: Rest

Week of 4/24

  • 4/24: 6 miles
  • 4/25: 3 miles
  • 4/26: Rest
  • 4/27: Active Mom Fitness Class
  • 4/28: 8 miles
  • 4/29: 4 miles
  • 4/30: Soul Cycle Class

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