Recap: Week of 2/20

Last week was a spectacular week for so many reasons.  First, the weather was gorgeous.  We had TWO 70 degree days.  Which for February is just crazy and also such a special treat.  It was delightful to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  Second, I had my highest mileage week since babies.  32 miles! And third, what is even more awesome to me is that 22 of those 32 miles were stroller miles.  The twins and I were a force last week.  We pounded the pavement big time.

I did begin the week feeling anxious, but as the week finished up – I felt confident and happy.  During the week of 2/13, I rocked every run.  My paces were strong and fast.  My mileage was high.  I pushed so hard the whole week.  So on Monday, when I realized I had to do the same all over again, plus a few more miles – I felt overwhelmed at the thought of it.  I couldn’t wrap my mind around starting from the bottom again.  So I slowed things down.  I forced myself to take 3 of my runs at slower, easy paces.  I didn’t push to the brink of exhaustion and I told myself to take things one run at a time.  I can’t say it was a well thought out tactic, but it worked! I got through the week in one pieces mentally and physically.

I’ve got 4 weeks until my half marathon! I’m really feeling great momentum, despite it being mixed with physical exhaustion. BUT I’m getting there.  I’m hoping this great progress continues.

2/20 – Mommy & Me Yoga

2/21 – 7 miles

2/22 – 5 miles

2/23 – 5 miles

2/24 – Rest

2/25 – 10 miles

2/26 – 5 miles




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