Recap: Week of 12/5

20 miles last week! My most mileage in a week postpartum — and I felt great about each run.  I was very busy during the middle of the week (I re-opened my business for a seasonal project), but I was able to power through thanks to the support of Chris and a great friend who helped babysit the twins.  And, I was able to get out everyday to keep my run streak alive! Day 18 and going strong….

I took the Dualie out for 4 runs, 3 of those were 5 miles each.  The first stroller 5 miler I did was on Monday, and MAN was that tough.  I worked hard for those miles.  It felt like I was running on an incline the whole time, just getting used to pushing the stroller.  I still need to adjust and find out what works best for me – which handlebar height, two hands on the bar vs one, etc.  But overall I was thrilled to have gotten out there and made use of the twins’ naptime.

I was also so happy to take a long run with Chris and the twins on Saturday morning.  Chris and I used to run together frequently on the weekends, so this was a great way to get back to “the old days”.  I love using our Bob Dualie for family runs!

12/5: 5 miles (I originally thought it was 4.5 – but I measured the distance on G-Maps and realized I had done 5!)

12/6: 1 mile

12/7: 2 miles

12/8: 1 mile

12/9: 5 miles

12/10: 5 miles

12/11: 1 mile


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