Recap: Week of 8/29

We are on vacation! Our first trip as a family of 4! AND we’re in my favorite place ever – Vermont! So. Many. Exclamation. Points. !!!

There are so many wonderful things that make me love Vermont, but one of the best – is the great running conditions.  There are a lot more hills than in Philadelphia, but there’s a great road not far from the house that’s relatively flat and smooth.  Also, the views are so pretty. AND there’s a small farm around the corner that has baby cows, goats, chickens, and pigs.  I love trotting by and seeing the animals. 

Saturday was rough, we spent 8 hours on the road getting up here.  So I was not shy about diving into wine-with-lunch-I’m-on-vacation mode Sunday and Monday.  But then I had two great runs on Tuesday and Wednesday. PLUS, I felt fairly well rested both days – the twins slept a ton both nights. For 3 nights in a row that they went for 6 hour spans.  AH!? I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m hoping we’re on the path to STTN.  Fingers crossed.

Well…. After my fantastic run on Wednesday I planned on taking the day off Thursday and hitting the pavement (dirt road?) again on Friday.  But things took a different turn when I fell on Thursday morning and bashed my face into a table requiring a trip to Dartmouth Hitchcock ER for some stitches.  My face was very sore Friday and it was hard to breathe bc of the swelling.  Plus I didn’t want to jiggle the stitches around too much, so I took the weekend off from running.  

Bad news? I feel bummed I missed so many runs in my favorite place.  But the good news? My nose is not broken and I’m hoping to be back on track next week.

8/29: 2 miles

8/31: 3.5 miles



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